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A note from the owner…

Sadly due to an unsustainable decline in patronage, Eagle Falls zipline tours have ceased operations. We have had nearly 20,000 visitors take our tour, and it was very enjoyable  and rewarding offering a service that provided joy for so many people. I wish that we could continue to offer this adventure, but unfortunately at this point it is unfeasible to do so. I want to thank everyone that came and took the tour and hope that it was an enjoyable and memorable experience for you. I will continue to operate our other ventures such as camping, lodging and the bar&grill “Salty Jack’s”. Also in 2017 we will be starting a new venture offering guided ATV tours. So, I will still be here and be glad to see you if you would like to stop by. Again, thank you all so much for your patronage!

~Shawn Nye